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15 November 2017

Head of Senior School Appointment
Dear Parent,
Following an extensive international search using the services of Perrett Laver, (a UK based recruitment consultant), Kellett School is privileged to have attracted a strong shortlist of candidates for the role of Head of Senior School; all brought a wealth of expertise and experience.
Having completed a comprehensive three-day final interview process at Kowloon Bay, I am pleased to confirm that Mr Jonathan (Joe) Alsop, currently Head of St Augustine’s Catholic College, Wiltshire, UK, has been appointed as the Head of Senior School.
Mr Alsop will join our community in August 2018. St Augustine’s is an ‘Outstanding’ school sharing many traits with Kellett and is amongst the highest performing schools in the UK.
Mr Alsop is to relocate in August with his family; his son and daughter are to join the Senior School. I am sure you will join with me in extending our warmest congratulations to Mr Alsop, and a sincere welcome to his family.
Mr Alsop is to inherit a thriving Senior School, built over eleven years by Simon Giddings and his team. He will return to Hong Kong later in the academic year to work with Simon in order to ensure a smooth transition.
In the meantime, Simon remains firmly at the tiller and needless to say it is business as usual!
With kind regards,
Ann Mc Donald

Announcement on Behalf of the Kellett Board
Historically this has been the time of year when the Governance Committee of the Board has sent a message to all parents informing them of vacancies on the Board and requesting expressions of interest. In the past few years, we have met with over 50 different parents, all of whom have been willing to give their time to serve on the Board and all of whom, without exception, have been fantastic.
The current Board comprises a good mix of individuals. It contains members who have been serving for many years as well as quite a few who are relatively new to the role.
This year, as is the case every year, a number of Board members will retire by rotation at the AGM. The 4 Board members retiring are Arne Lindman, Rakesh Manani, Silvia Pezzini and Alistair Gough. All 4 are prepared to stand again for election.
The Governance Committee has considered the position and has decided to recommend to the Board and to members of the Association at the AGM that the 4 incumbents be reappointed. What this means, is that the Governance Committee will not be proactively seeking expressions of interest from parents for Board positions this year.
Notwithstanding the above, should any parent like to know more about serving on the Board with a view to putting his or her hand up for future vacancies, then please do not hesitate to contact either myself, Duncan Abate, or the Chairman, Peter Goulston directly or by email at
Duncan Abate
Vice-Chair of the Board & Chair of Governance Committee

Annual Fund Enhancements
We are now in Week Five of the Annual Fund’s six week campaign. To date the Community Participation rate is 14.59% and the donations kindly received total HKD1,161,249.
These donations have already been put to work funding 9 of the 14 proposed projects. Just this week we have been able to confirm the following projects to take place both within this academic year and early in the next: Careers Consultancy (2017-18); Harkness Training (Summer 2018); the Social Enterprise Programme (Sept 2018); and Drama within the Curriculum (Book Week 2018-19).
Please support this initiative, the enhancements aim to benefit all students from Reception to Year 13. Please click here for a parent’s perspective of the Annual Fund.

Kellett Dragon
Issue 19 of the Kellett Dragon has been published. A copy has been given to the eldest sibling of each family this week. The online version is also available and can be viewed, please click here.
Music Lessons
Music Lesson Withdrawal
Please note that notice for cancellation of music lessons in Term 2 is due on 8 December. Music lessons will be scheduled at the same time for next term. It is usually not possible to change lessons if students’ activity schedules change. In these instances, the music lesson schedules will take priority. Please contact Ms Wong for further details you wish to withdraw your children.
ABRSM Practical Exam – April to May 2018
Please consult with your child’s teacher if you wish to enter the ABRSM practical music examinations in the April/ May. The exam Registration through the school will be due on Friday December 8.Please contact Ms Wong for further details
Rock School Exam Exam – April to May 2018
Please consult with your child’s teacher if you wish to enter the Rock School examinations in the April/ May. The exam Registration through the school will be due on Friday December 8.Please contact Ms Wong for further details .

2016-17 Yearbook Delivery Update
This is an update regarding the progress of the 40th Anniversary Yearbook. Apologies for the delay, we are in the final stages of editorial changes. We expect the books to arrive during the Christmas break. We will make arrangements to distribute them in January.

Notices in blue are repeated messages from past eBulletins, however still contain relevant information.
Kellett School’s First Annual Piano Festival – Wednesday 22 November
You are warmly invited to attend our first Annual Piano Festival, in The David Kidd Theatre, on 22 November. The festival is comprised of two events:
Master classes: 3:30pm – 4:30pm
If your child plays the piano, they are invited to watch the master classes given by our visiting guest judge Jacqueline Leung. The master classes feature some of our more advanced players and should be very educational and inspiring. No registration or ticket is required in order to watch. Food will be provided afterwards.
Competition: 6:00pm
The evening competition, judged by our three visiting guest judges, features three categories including Grade 4-6, Grade 7 and above, and Piano Duets. The whole Kellett community is invited to watch and no ticket is required.
I look forward to seeing you there! Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact Kate Tang, Director of Music, Senior School at

Kellett Cares Christmas Cards & Wrapping paper
Year 5 and Year 6 have been busy creating Christmas cards and wrapping paper. We encourage you to place your orders early to avoid disappointment. All proceeds go to Kellett Cares in supporting charitable work. Download the order form here. Or purchase directly from any campus reception, or from the school shop at KLB.

Kellett Fair 2018 - 21 April 11:00am – 4:00pm
Mark your diaries for this very special day! The Fair organising team is coming together well and we are all really excited about bringing in new ideas and a new look to the Campus as we start work on the ’Country Fair’.
We do, however, still needs a few more hands on deck to organise some key aspects of the fair. Specific areas where we need a hand are:
Fundraising (1-2 parents)
Entertainment (1 parent)
Games (1-2 parents)
Crafts (1-2 parents)
Bookstall (1 parent)
Tombola (1 parent)
Student Artwork (1 parent)
Extensive information is available on all aspects of the fair to help guide you so don’t worry if it’s your first time signing up and most teams already have team leaders. Dates of all meetings are pre-decided to help you plan and held in Central over lunch. Specific teams will organise their own meeting times and dates.
We cannot make this a wonderful community day for all our children, without your help!
To sign up for the Fair Organising committee, please fill your details on the link under
If you signed up for the whole school events, you would have been contacted already. If not, do write in to Aparna at, Chrissie at, or Sabrina at

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